I have been lucky to work with some great clients over the years, both global ones, such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency or energy consultancy Phoventus, and companies closer to home, such as Bentley Group or Ollie Platt Events.

The work for them ranges from copy editing, copywriting, logo design and content creation, through to web development and design and digital marketing strategies which have ensured my clients hit the top in any google search.

These case studies will show you just how I can help your company achieve your business and brand marketing goals. If you’re ready to get your project underway, hit the button below or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Case Studies

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Dutch Offshore Wind Programme

I have been working with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) since 2015, retained on successive contracts to to be Consultant Editor and Copy Writer. My work involves a range of English language communications and marketing material (print and online) relating to the roll-out of the Dutch offshore wind energy programme.

This has included producing the Project and Site Description (PSD) documents and marketing material relating to the offshore wind project tenders for the Borssele Wind Farm Zone,  Hollandse Kust (zuid) and Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm Zones.

I also edited the the English language version of the North Sea Energy Outlook for the period 2030-2050, which was presented to the Dutch Parliament in December 2020.

I did the same for the 164-page Offshore Wind System Integration 2030-2040 report, which looks at how up to 38.5GW of offshore wind can be integrated into the Dutch energy system, including what role electrolysis to produce green hydrogen from offshore wind-generated electricity will play.

I am delighted to to have won another tender from RVO, securing a new four-year contract for editorial services to end 2025.

Now the work with RVO is focused on projects under the latest Additional Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap to 2030. A new roadmap to 2040 is also under discussion, which is expected to be adopted in 2023 – the Dutch commitment to offshore wind and its net zero policy ambitions is unwavering.

As the Dutch Government takes its offshore wind programme forward, I am absolutely delighted to be able to continue our work together.

The whole RVO team are an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s an honour to be part of their team and see the Dutch offshore wind market go from strength to strength. 


Content For Global Energy Consultancy

Phoventus is an energy consulting firm specialising in solar energy, wind energy, and hybrid power solutions. Based in Canada, it provides strategic management consulting, engineering, and environmental advisory services to cover all aspects of renewable energy system for clients around the world.

Phoventus originally contacted me when the company needed copy writing and editing help with their Statement of Qualification document. Of course, I was more than happy to help.

Since then, my work with Phoventus has included:

  • proofreading and copy editing other documents and marketing material;
  • copywriting all of the content for the company’s new website;
  • writing Expression of Interest bid documents for the company at short notice (they secured the contracts!);
  • advising on communications and marketing strategy; and
  • ghost-writing articles and blog posts for the CEO.

Coming Together Waveney

Community Spirit during COVID-19

It was an honour to donate my time, expertise, and costs for producing and hosting a secure website and to set up email systems to help the Coming Together Waveney group. This amazing group of people (from all walks of life) wanted to ensure the most vulnerable and the elderly could get the essential supplies they would need during the COVID-19 crisis.

They started their campaign with a Facebook group, set up on 15th March, and a GoFundMe page, set up the following day. Within a week, they had over 4k members in the Facebook group, but they were aware that many of the most vulnerable in the community do not use social media, but often do have access to the internet and email. They needed a fully functioning, clear and informative, website. They also realised that Coming Together Waveney needed a clearly identifiable brand. Plus, they needed a dedicated email. And they needed it all fast.

In just 5 days, and with fantastic teamwork and creative collaboration, we got it all done (major shout out to the incredibly talented and dedicated duo of Jasmine Roberts and Marie Fairish, who I worked closely with on this project). It was exhausting, but so worthwhile and I loved working with this dedicated team. They have community spirit in their hearts and souls. I honestly do not know how they have achieved so much in such little time, and yet their drive and desire to do more and more to help never wavered.

Coming Together Waveney helped hundreds of people in the local community across Suffolk and Norfolk. It also provided some wonderful care packages for plenty of our key workers. It is was an honour to be part of the group and help my local community, albeit in a very small way compared to the rest of the Coming Together Waveney team.

Bentley Group

Branding, Website, Digital Marketing

For Bentley Group, I have helped with the company’s new branding, content strategy, SEO strategy, and social media strategy.

The main event for the company was for me to then develop and design a new user-friendly website to showcase the company’s services. As well as producing the new website and providing secure hosting, I created and copy edited the content for the site, and advised the company on its long-term digital marketing strategy. The new website launched in August 2018, so the marketing strategy is now fully underway, although still in its early days.

As well as ensuring the new Bentley  Group website is fully compliant with the GDPR law which came into effect in May 2018, I also secured the necessary privacy and data protection policy for the company and taught the company about its obligations under GDPR. Something I have done for all my website and digital marketing clients.

Ollie Platt Events

Branding, Content Strategy, Website

For Ollie Platt Events, almost all of my services have been used. I have help with the company’s new branding, designed the logo, advised regarding content strategy, SEO strategy, and social media strategy, developed and designed a new user-friendly website to showcase the company’s services, created and copy edited the content for the site, and advised the company on its digital marketing strategy.

I continue to work with the company on a retainer contract to advise regarding its content and digital marketing strategy, create and curate content, and maintain the website and do the necessary behind the scenes updates. The site is fully SSL secure and GDPR compliant.

Significantly, with Ollie keen to ensure his company ranked on the first page of google, ahead of his local competitors, I conducted the necessary market research and deployed a strong SEO content strategy. For all of Ollie’s main keyword search terms, I successfully ensured the company ranks high on the first page in the relevant google searches, with the company also featured high on google maps – something which is key for any company looking for local customers.

Basingstoke Hindu Society & Basingstoke Carnival Hall

Charity Website Development & Design

The transformation of the websites for the charity Basingstoke Hindu Society (BHS) and its related Basingstoke Carnival Hall website has been a joy. Neither website had been updated for more than 10 years – outdated beyond belief, by their own admission.

I was commissioned to bring the sites into the modern era. I created clean, elegant, user-friendly and fully mobile responsive websites that reflect the great work the Society does for the local community and the role of the Basingstoke Carnival Hall, run by the BHS, as a much loved space for local people to use and enjoy.

Just wait until you see the before and after shots of the Carnival Hall website – the transformation is incredible. I loved this job. It was so satisfying to work with a charity that’s doing so much good. I hope you’ll agree, it was a job well done.

Of course, both websites are fully secure and GDPR compliant.



Branding, Website, Email Newsletter

Gridchangeagent.com is an online news site run by Sara Verbruggen, a freelance journalist I worked with when I was the Commissioning Editor of the market reports produced for Haymarket’s Windpower Intelligence division.

Sara contacted me when she wanted a busy but user-friendly news website developed and designed for her news concept.

I helped her develop her brand concept, including coming up with ideas for the brand with her and designing the logo.

I secured the gridchangeagent.com domain name and site hosting, developed and designed her website, designed and set up an email newsletter for her.

I then provided training for Sara on how to upload her news articles and photos easily using the easy WordPress content management system, and taught her how to produce her regular email newsletters and build up her mailing list. gridchangeagent.com is fully SSL secure and GDPR compliant.

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