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Community Spirit during COVID-19

It’s been my honour to donate my time, expertise, and the costs for producing and hosting a secure website and to set up email systems to help the Coming Together Waveney group. This amazing group of people (from all walks of life) wanted to ensure the most vulnerable and the elderly could get the essential supplies they would need during the COVID-19 crisis.

They started their campaign with a Facebook group, set up on 15th March, and a GoFundMe page, set up the following day. Within a week, they had over 4k members in the Facebook group, but they were aware that many of the most vulnerable in the community do not use social media, but often do have access to the internet and email. They needed a fully functioning, clear and informative, website. They also realised that Coming Together Waveney needed a clearly identifiable brand. Plus, they needed a dedicated email. And they needed it all fast.

The site needed to have all the key information about the services on offer, links to the GoFundMe page, advice relating to COVID-19, and links for further help. It also, of course, needed to be fully mobile responsive and people needed to be able to just click on the phone number and dial straight through so they can get help as quickly as possible.

In just 5 days, and with fantastic teamwork and creative collaboration, we got it all done (major shout out to the incredibly talented and dedicated duo of Jasmine Roberts and Marie Fairish, who I worked closely with on this project). It was exhausting, but so worthwhile and I love working with this dedicated team. They have community spirit in their hearts and souls. I honestly do not know how they have achieved so much in such little time, and yet their drive and desire to do more and more to help never wavers. In fact, it seems to get stronger with each day this crisis continues. Which is why, I will continue to support them in any way I can.

Through the website, Coming Together Waveney has been able to reach more people (those in need and those willing to help by volunteering or making donations) whilst providing a clear portal for information. Having a dedicated email and phone number that can now be easily found via an internet search, has also enabled easier communication.

Coming Together Waveney has so far helped hundreds of people in the local community across Suffolk and Norfolk. It has also provided some wonderful care packages for plenty of our key workers. It is an honour to be helping them and my local community, albeit in a very small way compared to the rest of the Coming Together Waveney team.

Please take a look at the website and if you can offer any support or donations to this fantastic band of volunteers during this time of crisis, please do.

Whilst we are all urged to stay apart during these difficult times, it is in Coming Together as a supportive, collaborative, community that we will find our strength and survive.

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