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Brand Identity • Content Strategy • Website Development & Design • Online Stores • Copy Writing • Copy Editing • Proofreading • Photography • Logo Design • Content Curation • Digital Marketing • Website Management • Social Media Management • Industry Insight Research & Reports • Website Testing

Editorial Rescue offers a range of solutions to keep your content strong, eye-catching, flowing and effective.

Brand Identity • Content Strategy • Website Development & Design • Online Stores • Copy Writing • Copy Editing • Proofreading • Photography • Logo Design • Content Curation • Digital Marketing • Website Management • Social  Media Management • Industry Insight Research & Reports • Website Testing

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is about more than just a great logo, although I do them too. Your brand needs to speak from the heart and through everything you do. And you have to know who your brand is for – because it is never for everyone. Amazing how many people don’t get that.

Editorial Rescue can develop and implement a complete strategic brand marketing campaign for clients, encompassing everything from logo design to web design, content creation and copy writing, print brochures and online social media marketing plans.

Editorial Rescue is doing precisely that for Ollie Platt Events, a Suffolk based company which originally contacted me for advice on a basic website and has since contracted Editorial Rescue to design a new site and take on its long term online marketing campaign.

Content Strategy

Making sure your story resonates with your target audience and transforms them into customers is what I love to do.

I bring the best, most effective, communications and marketing strategy ingredients together in just the right way to ensure you create your perfect online presence, print publication, or branding campaign.

From concept development, editorial schedules, content planning and curation, copy writing, commissioning and editing, and SEO strategy to market research, brand marketing, logo and advertisement design, website development, traditional publications, email newsletters and social media campaigns, Editorial Rescue can help you develop a strategy that works. Plus, you’ll be fully GDPR compliant – that’s a guarantee.

With more than 25 years experience in B2B publishing, I can also help companies build up a strong presence as authoritative thought leaders in their industry with a targeted campaign.


Copy Writing

Whether it’s online or for print, ghost-written blog posts, news, technical features, full industry market reports, press releases, slogans, short marketing texts or company reports and brochures, with more than 25 years experience, Gail’s Editorial Rescue provides quality copy at short notice.


Copy Editing & Proofreading

From news, features, blogs, technical and market reports to sales emails, power point presentations, speeches and marketing brochures – Editorial Rescue makes sure your words work well for you. It’s what I do best.


Everyone may well be a photographer these days thanks to their smart phones, but not everyone can take a great photo or know what will work on different platforms or speak the perfect language for your brand. Whether a bespoke photoshoot for a specific campaign or the right stock photography, Editorial Rescue can help.

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Renewable Energy & Climate Change Communication Specialist

Hi I’m Gail, owner of Editorial Rescue. Whilst I worked as a journalist and editor in the building industry and on public sector magazines in my early career, there is no denying that I am now regarded is a veteran of the global energy media industry (or so I’ve been told).

As a copywriter and copy editor, I have covered the gas, coal, oil, nuclear and renewable energy markets for countless publications and companies. Of these energy sector markets, renewable energy and climate change is my speciality, having been a publisher of a magazine called Sustainable Energy Developments and for many years Senior Editor on Windpower Monthly and Editor of Renewable Energy Focus.

Much of my work is for clients from the renewable energy sector – such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s Offshore Wind Team, Canadian consultancy Phoventus, US-based Sindal Market Analyst, Haymarket’s Windpower Intelligence (Commissioning Editor and content producer), Elsevier’s Renewable Energy Focus (Editor), Wind Energy Update, and Tidal Today.

My renewable energy work spans both print and digital communications. It includes content curation, b2b content marketing, proofreading services, copy editing, copywriting (including website copywriting, advertising copywriting, marketing copywriting, and seo copywriting), marketing blurbs, press releases, ghost-writing blogs and articles, web design, email newsletters, social media marketing, and even bid-writing.

So whatever your renewable energy business, I can help with your print or online media project. Feel free to contact me today to find out how I can help your business grow and promote your brand through effective communications and quality journalism.

Speak soon,


P.S. you can read more about me by clicking here


Invaluable Virtual Extension Of The Dutch Government's Offshore Wind Team

Gail has been taking care of editing all the key publications on offshore wind energy produced by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the whole Dutch offshore wind energy road map for some years. It is a great pleasure to work with her.

We produce all sorts of communication materials with Gail. From our Project and Site Description documents targeted at developers, to brochures, magazines, articles, interviews, press releases and text for websites, she brings much added value to our projects.

She ensures accuracy, clarity, and care, thanks to both her editorial skills and her extensive knowledge of both the Dutch and the Global Offshore Wind Energy markets. And she always meets our production deadlines.

Critically, Gail is also proactive, presenting new ideas for communication and guiding the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through renewables communication. She has a wide range of experience working with technical and legislation information regarding offshore wind energy globally.

Therefore we see Gail as an invaluable sparring partner for new ideas for our international communication. We are looking forward to continuing all the good work with Gail. She has become an invaluable virtual extension of our team.

Ir. F.C.W. (Frank) van Erp, Senior Advisor Renewable Energy (

A.M. (Angela) Marlet-Wiegel, Communications Sustainable Energy / Offshore Wind Energy (

Offshore Wind Energy Team at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Digital Marketing

FACT: Whatever business you’re in, if you don’t have a good digital marketing strategy you ARE losing potential customers.

Almost everyone in the world now uses the internet first to search for something we need, are interested in, or want help with. Whether its via our phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, if we want to know something, need to find a solution for something, or want to buy something specific, we all SEARCH ONLINE.

But just having a website without an ongoing digital content marketing strategy is not enough. Yes, you’ll have an online presence but without a dedicated editorial calendar and an effective digital marketing strategy, you will be virtually handing customers to your competitors.

A strong active digital presence makes it easier for you to create strong brand awareness and customer engagement, converting site visitors into buyers and buyers into loyal repeat customers. Social sharing, word-of-mouth recommendations, and your overall brand awareness will boom.

Editorial Rescue helps you get the fundamentals of your digital marketing strategy right so your business growth can be sustained.

Website Development & Online Stores

From a simple elegant landing page to a busy news website or store, Editorial Rescue develops and designs fully mobile responsive websites and online stores that are user-friendly and perfectly tailored to your brand and marketing strategy.

Ensuring a dedicated focus on both the back-end and the front-end of your site to maximise its ease of use and ensure full search engine optimisation, your website will make a meaningful impact attracting and converting the right visitors into customers.

Editorial Rescue makes sure your website will be consistently found in the relevant online searches so it really works in generating the right new leads for your business and, more importantly, converting them into customers. That’s why I make sure all sites are fully optimised and designed to work great on mobile phones (Google now penalises sites that are not designed for mobiles first and foremost).

I build in web analytics and show you how to use it to monitor your website’s performance, work out what’s working in your marketing and what’s not so you can adjust your plan accordingly if need be.

I also make sure your site or store is fully compliant with the latest laws, such as GDPR, and that it is fully secure for your customers by adding SSL. Again, following a change in how Google now ranks websites, your Google ranking will fall if your site does not have SSL.

So for your website and online store needs, Editorial Rescue can develop, design, and produce the right content for you and your customers and help bring your story and their story to life.

Logo Design

Be instantly recognisable with a custom designed logo. Your logo has to make the right statement about you and your brand. It has to be eye-catching, instantly recognisable, and there for a purpose. What message do you want your logo to convey?

Content Curation

If there is one thing that more than 20 years as a magazine Editor has taught Editorial Rescue’s Gail Rajgor, it’s how to curate content on a regular basis. From devising a proper targeted editorial schedule to sourcing, commissioning and/or producing content, I’ve got you covered. If you don’t have a consistent output of quality content, then you don’t have an effective digital life. Get in touch today and I’ll get you sorted.

Website & Social Media Management

Your website or social media channels have to be maintained and updated regularly with new fresh and engaging content alongside software updates and all that jazz. You really shouldn’t have to worry about. Stand out from the crowd and get that leading competitive edge. Get in touch. We’ll make it happen.

Industry Insight Research & Reports

Knowing your market is critical to ensuring you develop a business plan that works and capitalises on new opportunities. Editorial Rescue has extensive experience in producing industry specific reports and analysing data, policies and market trends on behalf of clients for due diligence and purely journalistic purposes. 

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