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Bentley Group is a company based in Suffolk which provides oil boiler heating services as well as plumbing and electrical services to customers across East Anglia. Run by Kevin Bentley, the company was formally know as Plumbing Services. Kevin had a one page website which had been designed long ago.

As you can see above, it was a little out-of-date although it did it’s job OK. With Kevin rebranding his business to reflect the additional services he now provides, he wanted a modern user-friendly website and good strong digital footprint to reflect his new brand online.

I have therefore helped with the company’s new branding (including logo design), content strategy, SEO strategy, and social media strategy. I secured a domain name, provided hosting and developed and designed a new 15-page user-friendly, fully mobile-responsive website which works across all platforms. I also created and copy edited the content for the site, and advised the company on its long-term digital marketing strategy.

As well as ensuring the new Bentley  Group website is fully compliant with the GDPR law which came into effect in May 2018, I also secured the necessary privacy and data protection policy for the company and taught the company about its obligations under GDPR.


Bentley Group's online presence has been totally transformed beyond expectation

When I asked Gail (Editorial Rescue) to develop and design a new website for Bentley Group and help with our rebranding from my existing company Plumbing Services, I knew the new website would be good, but I had no idea just how fantastic the end result would be.

Gail’s attention to detail and her desire to get things just right resulted in a great new look for us and a website I am so proud of.

The website is clear about all the services we now offer, it’s modern, user-friendly, and looks fantastic – especially on a mobile phone, where most of our prospective customers are likely to be looking when they search for an oil boiler specialist, a plumber or an electrician in their local area. Plus Gail’s advice about social media marketing has been a huge help too, as was her help to ensure we are fully GDPR compliant.

I just could not be happier. If you need a new website designed or any advice about digital marketing, then the first person I’d recommend you talk to would be Gail. She’ll come to your rescue and surpass every expectation you have. She’s a star.


Kevin Bentley, Bentley Group

How we teamed up

I met Kevin when he came to my rescue regarding my oil boiler in January 2017. This year Kevin asked if I could help with the rebranding of his business and a new website.

Once Kevin decided on the name Bentley Group (we went back and forth on it but got to the obvious one eventually), the first thing I did for him was to secure a new domain name and set up hosting.

Kevin and I had several discussions about brand image, the content structure of the site, and so on. The next step came with the logo, with my advice being to keep it simple and to the point. It had to work well on the company’s vans – for companies like Bentley Group the vehicles they have are some of their best advertisements.

As you can see, the new Bentley Group logo works brilliantly on the vans (directing customers straight to the new website as well as clearly stating what the company does).

I then got to work developing and designing a new 15-page wordpress website for Bentley Group which would implement Kevin’s wish-list for his new online home. Of course, it had to cover all the content Kevin needed to reflect the range services offered.

It also had to send a loud and clear message that Bentley Group has a strong reputation of fixing 95% fall breakdowns within an hour and it needed to strongly promote the company’s service packages. Yes, there needed to be the right calls-to-action in all the right places.

Kevin was also keen for his personality to shine through – his RAF engineering career and his love of classic cars had to be reflected too.

Of course, I did all the painstaking design and UX testing work to ensure the website worked well and looked great across different platforms. Being mobile-responsive is key. The new Bentley Group site therefore works well in different browsers such as Chrome or Safari and works smoothly across all kinds of devices –  desktop, laptop, tablet and mobiles.

The site is a fully secure SSL certified one and is fully GDPR compliant.  All of these things help customers and boost search engine rankings.

The new Bentley group website went live in early August 2018.

With a new name, it of course takes time to build up the site’s search engine rankings. so it is still early days for that. But with the right SEO strategy (which is an ongoing process) and social media marketing strategy, Bentley Group will be sure to do well.

Consistency of activity is the key for Kevin and co now. I am here helping them, but Kevin is posting on Facebook like a trooper.

Overall, I think we have achieved a great result so far and I’m delighted that Kevin is over-the-moon with the new branding and new website. if you need an oil boiler heating specialist, a plumber or an electrician and you live in East Anglia, you now know where to go:

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