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Phoventus is an energy consulting firm specialising in solar energy, wind energy, and hybrid power solutions. Based in Canada, it provides strategic management consulting, engineering, and environmental advisory services to cover all aspects of renewable energy system for clients around the world.

Phoventus originally contacted me in May 2017 when the company needed copy writing and editing help with their Statement of Qualification document. Of course, I was more than happy to help.

Since then, my work with Phoventus has included:

Copy editing and writing the company’s Statement of Qualification document;

• Copywriting all of the content for the company’s new website;

• Copywriting an email campaign targeted at pension investors;

• Proofreading and copy editing other documents and marketing material;

• Copywriting Expression of Interest bid documents for the company at short notice (they secured the contracts!);

• Advising on communications and marketing strategy; and

Ghost-writing articles and blog posts for the CEO.


Getting the message out for energy consultants based in Canada

Phoventus uses Gail’s Editorial Rescue services on an ongoing basis.

Gail knows the energy and renewable industry very well and is capable of getting our message out in a professional manner.

Gail is always dedicated to getting the assignment done quickly and to our satisfaction.

She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we will continue to use her services.

Rob Lydan (CEO) and Bernice Lydan (Executive Assistant), Phoventus

How we teamed up

I started working with Phoventus in May 2017. That’s when the company’s Director of PV Power Systems, Kathryn Klement, contacted me following an online search and subsequent review of my website.

She emailed me on 25th May: We are looking for copy writing and editing assistance in developing the text for our firm’s Statement of Qualifications. We were very impressed with your website. Would you be interested in providing us with a quotation to write our SOQ?”

I provided the quote, secured the job, had a phone meeting with Kathryn to discuss the project further. I completed the edit of the Statement of Qualification and feedback on the kind of content I thought should also be included by 30th May, to the response: “You did a great job“.

And that was the start of a successful and ongoing working relationship. Next followed a content review of a marketing brochure for the company, further copy updates of the Statement of Qualifications, copywriting an email “introduction to Phoventus” campaign, and content review and copy editing of a marketing Postcard for the company to distribute at the Solar Power International conference.

Thought leadership and bid documents

On 3rd August 2017, my work for Phoventus stepped up a gear, with a request from the CEO, Rob Lydan, to help on the “development of our thought leadership for the Hybrid Power business”.

Rob sent me a link to the first version of the company’s new Hybrid Power site, which included links to some of the past thought leadership work he had done for hybrid renewable power and mining.

His brief was: “I want to build on this past experience and am looking for editorial, advertorial, marketing assistance and web copy…  I would like to see the emergence of the voice of Phoventus in Hybrid Power.”

Rob and I had several Skype meetings over the following weeks, with me working on the content and copy for the new website. After another “Its great” in response to my website copy and suggested website content structure, the website was developed and designed by Chris Devine in Canada.

In between, Rob also asked me to write an Expression of Interest (EOI) bid document on behalf of Phoventus on 16th August for a contract with the World Bank. The deadline was tight with a 1-day turnaroundTo the delight of us all, Phoventus was shortlisted and eventually awarded the contract. Since then I have produced the copy for other EOI bid documents for Rob.

Other recent work for Phoventus has included helping Director Environmental Services, Leslie Greener, to get her bio and the new Environmental Services copy for the Statement of Qualifications document and website just right.

Following that I worked on a Phoventus marketing campaign targeting pension fund investors with Bernice Lydan, the company’s Executive Assistant. This included cover letters, email campaigns, digital marketing campaigns (i.e using LinkedIn Messaging) and a ghost-written blog article for Rob, Infrastructure Investments for Pension Funds: Key benefits of renewables and hybrid power projects.

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