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Ollie Platt Events hits the top after new branding and digital makeover



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For Ollie Platt Events, almost all of my Editorial Rescue services have been used. I have help with the company’s new branding, designed the logo, advised regarding content strategy, SEO strategy, and social media strategy, developed and designed a new user-friendly, fully-mobile responsive website to showcase the company’s services. I have also created and copy edited the content for the site, and advised the company on its digital marketing strategy.

I continue to work with Ollie on a retainer contract to advise regarding its content and digital marketing strategy, create and curate content, and maintain the website and do the necessary behind the scenes updates.

SEO Strategy For Google Success

Significantly, with Ollie keen to ensure his company ranked on the first page of google, ahead of his local competitors, I conducted the necessary market research and deployed a strong SEO content strategy. The results have been good.

For all of Ollie’s main keyword search terms, I successfully ensured the company now ranks high on the first page in the relevant Google searches. The company also features high on Google Maps – something which is key for any company looking for local customers.

As well as ensuring the new Ollie Platt Events website is fully compliant with the GDPR law which came into effect in May 2018, I also secured the necessary privacy and data protection policy for the company and taught the company about its obligations under GDPR.



Business is better than ever since Gail got our Google rankings up

Gail (Editorial Rescue) has done a stellar job in helping me to rebrand Ollie Platt Events. The logo she designed is wonderful and reflects the character and quality of our business perfectly. The website is just what I was looking for – clean, user-friendly, and designed to get the business done. And she’s a Google wiz!

She’s done a fantastic job ensuring we get seen before some of our key competitors when it comes to online searches. Like a lot of people probably do,  I bombarded her with requests to get our rankings up against this competitor and that one. She did all the research she needed to do, put in place the strategy, and made sure we got seen. We’re high up on the first Google page for all our key search terms, we’re well placed on Google Maps, and our Google business page is now working for us well too, so business is better than ever.

Gail listens, is patient, and is extremely talented – she’s a website and digital marketing Godsend in fact. Cheers.

Ollie Platt, Owner, Ollie Platt Events

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