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Digital Update for The Basingstoke Hindu Society & Carnival Hall


Absolutely Fantastic

The new website for our charity, the Basingstoke Hindu Society, and the one for the Basingstoke Carnival Hall, which we manage on behalf of the local community, are absolutely fantastic. Great job.

Kanak Rajgor, Co-Chair Carnival Hall Operations, Basingstoke Hindu Society

(Yes, he’s my dad, and I was happy to help out. He’s not that easy to impress, so a reaction like this was honestly amazing for me :))


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The transformation of the websites for the charity Basingstoke Hindu Society (BHS) and its related Basingstoke Carnival Hall website has been a joy. Neither website had been updated for more than 10 years – outdated beyond belief, by their own admission. Below you can see what the old Carnival Hall website used to look like compared to now.

I was commissioned to bring the sites into the modern era, creating clean, elegant, user-friendly and fully mobile responsive websites. These were to reflect the great work the Society does for the local community and the role of the Basingstoke Carnival Hall, run by the BHS, as a much loved space for local people to use and enjoy.

I loved this job.

It was so satisfying to work with a charity that’s doing so much good. I hope you’ll agree, it was a job well done.

I can’t tell you the delight when I got the response “Absolutely Fantastic” – it’s what I aim for with every client. This time around it almost meant more to me, as the response came from my own father, who happens to be Co-Chair Carnival Hall Operations of the Basingstoke Hindu Society.

Of course, both websites are fully secure and GDPR compliant. I also helped the charity bring its privacy and data protection policies up to date to comply with the GDPR and advised it on the new obligations that come with that as a charity.

I continue to maintain and update both websites.

Jut click on any of the images below to check out the websites. You can also scroll down for showcase slideshows.

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