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Here’s a little back-catalogue containing what is actually a small selection of some of my older articles for Renewable Energy Focus, Renews, Windpower Monthly, Wind Energy Update, Tidal Today, PV Insider, and others.

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Older articles

Here’s just a selection of some of the older articles and Editorial Leaders I have written on the energy market over the years – and that’s not including much of the content I wrote during my time as News and Senior Editor for Windpower Monthly (although I have included a few), nor anything from Sustainable Energy Developments (which I published myself some 20 years ago) or Inside Energy.

Wow, I’ve written a lot of words over the years.

Please note: some links may stop working as the relevant companies update or change their websites ūüôĀ


General/All Energy Market Overviews ‚Äď including oil and gas

Renewables Market & Investment Climate


Wind Power


Marine/Tidal Renewables

Nuclear Energy


Climate Change & Business

Green Building

Think GSR …

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