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Change does not happen without action. It happens with a first step, the right collaboration, and getting others to hear and appreciate your story – and then act upon on it themselves. With the right Editorial Rescue plan, together we can make the perfect change for you and your business brand, putting you firmly on the winning road to long term success and growth.

I’m Gail Rajgor and I’m ready to come to your Editorial Rescue right now.

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make magic through words,

power your passions,

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I’m a proven journalist, editor, and energy market communications specialist and I’ve worked hard to upskill and keep pace with digital communications developments so I can always ensure my clients get the results they deserve.

So yes, I’m great with words, but I offer you so much more …

With Gail on board during the wind & water works project, we invented a new word that should definitely be added to the dictionary: Gailification.

“Gailification: the art to transform a couple of non-consistent bullet points or remarks about an energy-related topic into a concise, informative, and fit-for-purpose text”.

Obviously the person mastering the skills of gailification to an optimum is Gail Rajgor herself! She is not only very accurate and swift when it comes to editing and copy writing, but also contributed to our project massively with tonnes of experience and knowledge about the energy sector.

This resulted in a number of very attractive showcases and texts on the wind & water works website, aimed at supporting Dutch offshore wind companies achieve their international ambitions, and invaluable support in our promotional campaigns to enhance engagement of Partners and enhance website traffic.

I would certainly advise anyone facing editorial or communication challenges in their business to go for a touch of Gailification to make their project a success!

Daniëlle Veldman

Project co-ordinator wind & water works and CRM Manager, Netherlands Wind Energy Association

Brand Identity • Content Strategy • Website Development & Design •  Copy Writing • Copy Editing • Proofreading • Photography • Logo Design • Content Curation • Digital Marketing • Website Management • Social  Media Management • Industry Insight Research & Reports • Website Testing

Renewable Energy — Environment Policy — Climate Change

Energy communications … there’s a specialist magic that can spark the power for real transformation.

power your new future with collaboration, innovation, and specialist expertise.

Gail and Editorial Rescue’s green shoots …

I worked as a journalist and editor in the building industry and on public sector magazines in my early career, but after more than 20 years writing about energy and environment policy and technology, I am now regarded by some as a veteran of the global energy and environment media industry (or so I’ve been told).

The signs were always there – the first feature I wrote in my first job on a magazine called Building Products, fresh out of university, was on green building. I quickly developed a passion for sustainable development, environment policy, and the development of renewable energy.

GSR  – the initials of my name and my values: Green, Sustainable, Renewable

As a journalist and content editor, I have covered the whole energy market –  gas, coal, oil, nuclear and renewable energy – for countless publications and companies. But sustainable energy development and climate change policy is my speciality.

I’ve published my own magazine called Sustainable Energy Developments, as well as having roles as Senior Editor on Windpower Monthly and Editor of Renewable Energy Focus. When it comes to market frameworks and energy policy, I don’t think there is a single country in the world that I have not written about or edited a report on, thanks to these roles. Moreover, I have spent my life tracking the technical developments in wind power, solar PV, wave and tidal, biomass and bioenergy, hydrogen and energy storage, fuel cell technology, and combined heat and power.

Clean energy clients

A lot of my work is for clients from the renewable energy sector – such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s Offshore Wind Team, Canadian consultancy Phoventus, US-based Sindal Market Analyst, Haymarket’s Windpower Intelligence (Commissioning Editor and content producer), Elsevier’s Renewable Energy Focus (Editor), Wind Energy Update, and Tidal Today.

My renewable energy work spans both print and digital communications. It includes content curation, B2B content marketing, proofreading services, copy editing, copywriting (including website copywriting, advertising copywriting, marketing copywriting, and seo copywriting), marketing blurbs, press releases, ghost-writing blogs and articles, web design, email newsletters, social media marketing, and even bid-writing.

So whatever your renewable energy or environment-related business, I can help with your print or online media project. Feel free to contact me today to find out how I can help your business grow and promote your brand through effective communications and quality journalism.

Speak soon,

Gail Shameza Rajgor

P.S. you can read more about me by clicking here

Gail is an exceptional and talented journalist, editor, and communication specialist with a deep insight into renewable energy and all subjects she tackles. Gail has a way with words that not only engages her readers, but helps them understand often complex subjects.

I am happy to recommend Gail (Editorial Rescue) if you are looking for punch jobs covering your marketing communication strategies, social media strategies, web design, and professional photography. All jobs, small or big, will be addressed with the highest business ethic standards, professionalism and always with a smile. 

Anne-Marie Howe

CEO, Sindal Market Analysts

Gail is well versed in turning impenetrable copy into readily understandable and enjoyable prose. She is skilled at re-writing and editing to tight deadlines, with an ability to quickly assess large volumes of words, identify what is important and edit out what is not.

Gail’s nose for news is well developed and she is persistent in her pursuit of unexplored angles. Her online research capabilities are excellent.

Gail is an excellent manager of people and work flow processes. She is always ready and willing to learn and expand her knowledge and enjoys taking on new challenges. Her workload capacity is large and she possesses the organisational skills and self-discipline required to successfully manage complex processes and meet tough deadlines.

Above all, she is a great team player, well liked and well respected by her colleagues and a good team motivator as a result.

Lyn Harrison

CEO, Insight Wind

Gail has been taking care of editing all the key publications on offshore wind energy produced by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the whole Dutch offshore wind energy road map for some years. It is a great pleasure to work with her.

We produce all sorts of communication materials with Gail. From our Project and Site Description documents targeted at developers, to brochures, magazines, articles, interviews, press releases and text for websites, she brings much added value to our projects.

She ensures accuracy, clarity, and care, thanks to both her editorial skills and her extensive knowledge of both the Dutch and the Global Offshore Wind Energy markets. And she always meets our production deadlines.

Critically, Gail is also proactive, presenting new ideas for communication and guiding the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through renewables communication. She has a wide range of experience working with technical and legislation information regarding offshore wind energy globally.

Therefore we see Gail as an invaluable sparring partner for new ideas for our international communication. We are looking forward to continuing all the good work with Gail. She has become an invaluable virtual extension of our team.

Ir. F.C.W. (Frank) van Erp, Senior Advisor Renewable Energy

A.M. (Angela) Marlet-Wiegel, Communications Sustainable Energy / Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore Wind Energy Team at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Dutch Government Offshore Wind Energy Team

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Think GSR …

If you are working towards a Green, Sustainable, and Renewable energy fuelled future make Gail Shameza Rajgor part of your communications team.

Business Branding

“Bentley Group’s online presence has been totally transformed beyond expectation.

When I asked Gail (Editorial Rescue) to develop and design a new website for Bentley Group and help with our rebranding from my existing company Plumbing Services, I knew the new website would be good, but I had no idea just how fantastic the end result would be.

Gail’s attention to detail and her desire to get things just right resulted in a great new look for us and a website I am so proud of.

The website is clear about all the services we now offer, it’s modern, user-friendly, and looks fantastic – especially on a mobile phone, where most of our prospective customers are likely to be looking when they search for an oil boiler specialist, a plumber or an electrician in their local area.

Plus Gail’s advice about social media marketing has been a huge help too, as was her help to ensure we are fully GDPR compliant.

If you need a new website designed or any advice about digital marketing, then the first person I’d recommend you talk to would be Gail.


Kevin Bentley, Bentley Group


Trust me. We are going to make a great team. Your Editorial Rescue plan will work to exceed your business plan goals and ambitions. Let’s rock this.

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