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If you need a journalist or editor who really knows and understands the energy industry, feel free to send me a message or give me a call on +44 (0)7921 258583. I’ve covered renewables, nuclear, and the fossil fuel market during my career, writing about policy and market development as well as technical innovations. Whatever your need  from news and analysis to detailed data-driven industry reports or thought leadership communications – I have you covered. Scroll down to see some of the daily news I have written for the Windpower Monthly website.

Some of my latest reports

I am still very much active as a journalist – writing daily news and longer feature articles for Windpower Monthly again since November 2021 (as well as helping the team out on the editing front every now and then too). My links to Windpower Monthly go way back to 2001, when I became its News Editor and then Senior Editor, up to 2009. I also worked on the special market reports produced by Windpower Intelligence from late 2014 to end 2016. Visit my energy market page to find out more – just click here.

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If you are working towards a Green, Sustainable, and Renewable energy fuelled future make Gail Shameza Rajgor part of your communications team.

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